JPWMF and Learning Center
403 W. Washington Drive
San Angelo, Texas 76903


Merry Christmas!Thanks to the many donors who have supported the efforts of the JPW Learning Center over the last 33 years. This year the following things have been accomplished:
  • Bring in speakers to help education both parents and teachers in a partnership with ESC Region XV
  • Currently have 40 teachers in training accross the State of Texas in Lyford, Midland/Odessa and San Angelo
  • Multisensory Math Program
There is still more work to be done, your donation helps improve the education of all the children struggling with dyslexia in Texas. We work with parents, teachers and students on a daily basis on how to help their students all become productive successful individuals. Donations of any size will help us continue our work.
Here is how your donation can help:
$10,000 - Offering of scholarships to families in financial need for tutoring services
$5,000  - One teacher to attend the two years of training including supplies
$1,300  - One student to receive a full battery of testing
$1,000  - One student 10 weeks of tutoring
$750     - Dyslexia Testing for a students
$500 - One teacher to attend Math Training 
$250 - One teacher to attend the Comprehension Training with supplies 
$100 - One child tested for Kindergarten Readiness
$50   -  Two hours of tutoring or teachers guides for level 1 and 2
$25 - One hour of tutoring for a child after school  
Thank you for your donation and continued support.