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About Us


History of the Organization and Mission Statement:

The James Phillips Williams (JPW) Memorial Foundation was established in 1985 by Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Williams in memory of their son who, like so many others, struggled with dyslexia his entire life.

James touched many people with his zest for life and sensitivity towards others. But he suffered from academic frustration and disappointment as a result of a learning difference that is not often recognized or adequately addressed in traditional classrooms.

Learning disabilities affect an estimated 10-20% of the general population placing both children and adults at increased risk for academic and social failure. In addition, approximately 80% of the U.S. prison population exhibit some form of learning disability resulting in illiteracy, a profound societal problem that could be significantly reduced or alleviated through adequate public awareness and appropriate teaching methods.

The Mission Statement of the James Philips Williams Memorial Foundation is to provide opportunities for alternative educational instruction for those experiencing difficulty as a result of Dyslexia or other type of Learning Difference.

Foundation's Beliefs:

  • Adequate public awareness about the many issues related to and the provision for appropriate scientifically research-based instruction can significantly reduce school or work related stress and failure.
  • Illiteracy is a local, state and national problem that can be reduced or alleviated through public information and alternative teaching strategies.

Foundation's Purpose:

  • To help teachers obtain skills necessary to recognize and appropriately instruct those with learning differences
  • To give people with learning differences an opportunity for academic success and a chance to achieve their full potential in life.

Foundation's Goals:

  • To provide public awareness
  • To provide private and public funding for student instruction and teacher training
  • To extend and enhance national literacy programs already in existence